Once in the Dear Dead Days

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Once in the Dear Dead Days

Once in the Dear Dead Days

Everyone has two sides to their nature… until now.

Written by Pegarty Long and Cary Shulman


It’s just a matter of time until neuroscience has the power to make us as good as Saint Francis or as evil as Hitler. The time has come in “Once in the Dear Dead days” and it’s up to 20-year-old twins whether it’ll be Paradise or Armageddon.

A Supernatural Sci-Fi Thriller with twins, good clones, bad clones and nano-drones. An Irish Mother clones her twin daughters to try to save the world from what she sees as utter self-destruction, but her experiment goes awry. A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story for the 21st Century.


It’s Venice, California in the near future. Twenty year old twins, Michaela and Rafaela, dressed Goth, are in their Volkswagen convertible enjoying a snack. Judging by the blood on the backseat it’s a messy and unusual one. As Michaela hungrily plops an eyeball into her mouth, Rafaela complains she’s monopolized all the delicacies. Michaela leans over and passionately kisses her on the mouth transferring the eyeball to her.

Twenty year old twins Mara and Manannan, mirror images of the twins in the Volkswagen, wake up in their bedroom with a start. They think they’ve just had a nightmare.  But their nightmare is just beginning in this Jekyll and Hyde feature for the 21st century.

In County Cork, Ireland a young couple’s idyllic cycling in the countryside is interrupted by a screeching sound like amplified nails on a chalkboard. The two suddenly collapse in convulsions and die. Three months later in Venice, Mara and Manannan watch in horror as their Irish mother Maureen has a similar fate. As  she gasps in the final throws of death she pleads to her daughters to find Professor Messling and destroy the horrible creation which she has made.

Her death has left the twins completely alone to sort it all out. Despite loving each other, there’s quite a bit of friction between them. At the funeral home, the director shows them a tiny nano-drone he found in Maureen’s clothes. He assumes it’s a piece of her jewelry, but the twins suspect she’s been murdered.

Learning the details of Maureen’s murder from the twins, Professor Messling decides to take them to his lab. Entering they’re dumfounded. Before them stand near images of themselves shining in an angelic-beatifically-glowing light.

Professor Messling reveals Maureen had a  special gift, the gift of prophecy, the ability of second sight. She could see the future. Shortly after their father died, she had a penetrating vision of the end of the world, destroyed by replicating nano-drones. Despite the ridicule of townspeople in Ireland who thought she was “crazy”,  she protested and tried everything she could to stop the evil before it destroyed the world her daughters would inherit. When Messling came to Ireland she told him of her vision and her plan.

Not wishing to involve her daughters she convinced Messling to clone them. They would be the prophetic Archangels who would save the world.  To shield her twins from ridicule and threats she kept her gift and all this secret and took them to America to have a “normal” life.

The twins realize the saintly Clones, who Maureen prophesied, would be turned evil, but they hesitate to carry out Maureen’s dying request to destroy them.  Instinctively, they try to save them as paramilitary security agents break into the lab and kidnap them.

Angelic Archangels are not what others have in mind for the Clones.  Among them, Susan Atwood, CEO of Defense Research Corp. She sees a different future world, a future of violent confrontation over vanishing resources and the only way of surviving is to be able to predict the coming crises and devise the weaponry to meet it.

Atwood’s “Iron Lady” vision for making America strong and safe has considerable appeal. With the aid of Constantin Abaddon, her powerful and the scariest political adviser, she plans to parlay her escalating popularity into a run for the Presidency.

She implants the Clones with evil and they begin devising weapon systems of the future. Their astounding efforts thrill Atwood. But their evil programming spirals out of control as bored with their work, they burn the premises. Robbing the local Mall so they’re “dressed for excess”, they go on a rampage of mayhem and violence. Atwood orders her Security Agents to bring them back to resume work.

The twins desperately try to find the Clones before Atwood does. Be brave the prophetic Irish mother of the twins told them with her last breath. And brave they must be as they finally truly bond together to battle the forces of darkness to save humankind from its self destruction.

They face daunting odds. A pair of ordinary American teens have to find extraordinary resources within to fight a plague of drones, paramilitary agents, and face a final confrontation with the Clones whose evil has been made absolute by the misguided technology of modern science and the vengeful machinations of Constantin Abaddon,the devil himself.





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  • Once In The Dear Dead Days Movie Poster
  • Once in the Dear Dead Days Girls Closeup
  1. Steve Effingham says:

    I grin at the thought of a new film by Pegarty Long. Can’t wait!

  2. Jerry Bernard says:

    Not since the exorcist, have I been so anticipating a great horror movie experience.

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