Memoirs of a Nun on Fire
Philomene Long

Book Cover-Memoirs of a Nun on Fire

Memoirs of a Nun on Fire

A new book by Philomene Long

Beat generation Poet five years behind convent walls before her escape into the world of angel hipsters and Zen saints.

About Memoirs of a Nun on Fire Jim Carlson says:

“Philomene Long’s prose is darkly charged and cinematic, a prison movie full of faces Fellini would be startled by…. Though dark, the writing is appropriately wide-eyed as well. Philomene has succeeded in sharing “one long episode of shock.”

“She entered the convent as a rather wild teenager and became a rather wild nun.”

Jack Foley Poet-Writer- KPFA Radio

Check out Philomene’s website at

Release Date August 17, 2011

156 pages, 198 pages of photographs

$24.99 + 4.95 Shipping & Handling

Available from Raven Productions


  • Book Cover-Memoirs of a Nun on Fire
  • Philomene as Annie Oakley
  • Pegarty and Philomene Dancing-Villa Paper (1954)
  • Philomene (1958)
  • Philomene in Bride Dress Before Vows (1959)
  • Philomene as a Nun

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