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  • Legendary Actor ED ASNER Signs Letter of Intent for role in “Once In The Dear Dead Days”.

    Good news! Raven Productions™ is thrilled to announce that acting legend ED ASNER has signed a letter of intent to star as Professor Messling in “Once in the Dear Dead Days”.

  • CASTING CALL Pegarty Long, Filmmaker – “An Irish Vampire in Hollywood” is looking for twin actresses, late teens, who can play both angelic/Goth for supernatural sci fi film project. Send Resume, selfies, anything pertinent.

  • Once In The Dear Dead Days Movie Poster

    Once in the Dear Dead Days

    Once in the Dear Dead Days Everyone has two sides to their nature… until now. Written by Pegarty Long and Cary Shulman   It’s just a matter of time until neuroscience has the power to …

  • The Irish Vampire Goes West Movie Poster

    The Irish Vampire Goes West

    The Irish Vampire Goes West (aka) An Irish Vampire in Hollywood Maison Noir Black House Films and Raven Productions present…   The first Irish Vampire Film! A tale of mystery, magic, faeries, mad scientists, blood …

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